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Zaffo Library

Welcome to the Zaffo Library. Find and download any of our free guides here.

Facebook Guide

How to effectively use Facebook for marketing and promotion of your raffle or lottery.

Download Facebook Guide

Twitter Guide

Promote your raffle or lottery on Twitter and reach a wider audience. Includes Twitter secrets... 

Download Twitter Guide

Digital Marketing Guide

Your guide to everything and anything Digital Marketing. Including SEO & Email Marketing.

Download: Digital Marketing Guide

Ultimate Raffle Guide

This guide covers everything from setting up your raffle with Zaffo, to marketing and promotion. 

Download Ultimate Raffle Guide

Raffle Planning Checklists

Includes a step-by-step checklist to planning a raffle to detailed information on raffle set up.

Download Raffle Planning

Social Media Checklist

A step-by-step checklist to planning your promotion and marketing on social media. 

Download Social Media Checklist

Content Calendar

A free content calendar template to help plan and execute your campaigns. 

Download Content Calendar

Download: Copyright Free Images

A collection of copyright free images, free for anyone to use for absolutely anything!

Download Free Images

Hospice Superdraw Guide

A complete guide to getting your Hospice Raffle up and promoting it to your supporters. 

Download Hospice Superdraw Guide